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Mike Todd — VOUS Conference 2019: The Problem… Just Found An Answer

Mike Todd — VOUS Conference 2019: The Problem… Just Found An Answer

September 11, 2019

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Does the idea of being marked or set apart by God invoke feelings of excitement? Fear? A mix of both? You're pumped about the responsibility but anxious about the chance of messing up.

At VOUS Conference 2019, Pastor Mike Todd illuminates the idea that “The Problem Just Found An Answer.” He clears the confusion around what it means to be chosen by God.

We're put into various circumstances so we can step up to the plate. God wants to see that we are faithful to serve at every level. To be an answer to a problem, no matter the cost to our pride. That's the way we wear our mark of being set apart by God.

It takes work to embrace our place of being the solution. But God doesn't make mistakes on who he has chosen to do the work. He knows we're capable of making a difference through our story, talents, and blessings, but only if we're willing to step into a serving role. When we follow God's guideline and trust the process, we help our way up to promotion. There's no way we can fail.

Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Vision Sunday: Brick by Brick

Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Vision Sunday: Brick by Brick

September 9, 2019

When looking at a structure, we only see the completed product. But if we take a look at the interior, we’d see the interconnected bricks that give a building its form.

God is the master craftsmen whose handiwork is evident in the linking of our lives, much like that of connected bricks. In an epic Vision Sunday and 4-Year-Anniversary message, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. lays out the plan God has envisioned for VOUS Church, "Brick by Brick."

We're all bricks coming together for a bigger purpose, telling a greater story. Our construction points to Jesus, the cornerstone who builds us up as servant leaders and tests the work of our hands, all while protecting us, his Church.

As living stones in partnership with God, our calling is to add more bricks, to find those in need of hope and tell them the good news that Jesus is the answer. By unifying with acts of service and giving toward the vision, we'll bravely accomplish God's mighty will.

Mark Pettus — VOUS Conference 2019: The Future of The Church

Mark Pettus — VOUS Conference 2019: The Future of The Church

September 5, 2019

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It is a big, almost intimidating thought, but the future of the Church rests on our ability to outpace culture. What does that mean? It means, while being multigenerational, we’re focused on capturing the faith of this generation.

The workers are few, but there’s a harvest full of people waiting to get closer to God. In his talk "The Future of the Church," Highlands College President Mark Pettus helps us see that our harvest field is in Generation Z.

Will the Church heed the call and choose to see what Jesus himself sees ⁠— the great potential of for young people? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be out front, breaking through the confusion and answering the key questions of this generation. There is a lot in store for the Church, it’s our move to take on the great opportunity of our time.

Judah Smith — VOUS Conference 2019: I Was Wrong

Judah Smith — VOUS Conference 2019: I Was Wrong

September 5, 2019

Today, we've gotten so used to "agreeing to disagree" that it seems completely acceptable for no one to be 100% right or wrong. That it's just a matter of opinion. But if we can be honest, there are times when we're wrong, and admitting it helps us to grow spiritually and relationally.

For VOUS Conference 2019, Pastor Judah Smith’s “I Was Wrong” hit straight to the heart of the matter—there are certain things we say or do that we shouldn’t allow to exist in a gray zone. Whether by mistake or intention, we've all made errors.

Some of our wrongdoings can include misjudging someone based on the first impression, not following through with our word, or failing a friend. And we've all missed the mark set by God, having had the wrong understanding of him and what he wants from us.

Yet, whatever the area of failure, being able to admit our offenses will push us closer to the destiny God has for us. Just as the Bible tells us, by humbling ourselves and admitting our mistakes, we'll be exalted before God.

Rich Wilkerson Jr. with Mike Todd & Chad Veach — VOUS Conference 2019: Scared But Prepared

Rich Wilkerson Jr. with Mike Todd & Chad Veach — VOUS Conference 2019: Scared But Prepared

September 3, 2019

Stepping out to lead can be a scary thing. And that's OK, so long as fear doesn't hinder our progress in leadership.

During VOUS Conference 2019, pastors Rich Wilkerson Jr., Chad Veach, and Mike Todd collaborated on the message "Scared but Prepared."

Fear of being stuck in place, fear of an uncertain destination, or fear of missing out are few compelling reasons leaders take a step back. Yet, when we listen to God’s promises we can rest in the fact that he has already gone before us.

As we develop as leaders our trust in God must turn to action. Focus on the craft and make it even stronger through practice. Seek out mentorship and never neglect the impact our example can have on others. Those are key ways to beat back the fear that would keep us in the shadows.

Leadership is God’s will for our lives. He prompts us to walk by faith, not by sight. So let's prepare by living as though we are already in the place we want to be. As we value our role God will maximize our efforts, elevating us in due time. And that will far outweigh the fear.

DawnCheré Wilkerson — VOUS Girl: She Knows

DawnCheré Wilkerson — VOUS Girl: She Knows

September 1, 2019

With innovation around just about every corner, knowledge has become one of the most accessible commodities. However, there are still things we do not know. There are moments of uncertainty where we can’t find any answers.

In this VOUS Girl message, "She Knows," Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson reminds us that in times of fear and doubt, the Lord gives us strength and endurance. And contrary to popular thought, God's power isn’t always shown by our sudden breakthrough, but by our ability to stand firm.

As did Moses, David, and Isaiah, we can remember that God is our strength and our song, even in moments of weakness. He is with us every step and time after time he is our salvation. Whether in our doubts, in our mistakes, or in our thinking we're not enough, God meets us where we are. But he doesn't leave us there.

We need only to be still and hold on to God's loving presence. When a winning strategy isn't clear, a VOUS Girl knows one thing for sure—he is God. And with him, no journey is impossible to walk.

DawnCheré — VOUS Conference 2019: Living The Dream

DawnCheré — VOUS Conference 2019: Living The Dream

August 27, 2019

Have you ever wanted something so bad and when you got it, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? Many times how we dream things will happen and how they play out is very different. But even when it's uncomfortable, we need to let the scene play out before we give up.

Pastor DanwCheré Wilkerson challenged us during VOUS Conference 2019, with her message, "Living the Dream."

Sometimes we are disappointed by our reality. It can even seem worthless to dream and believe in those dreams. But we need to come to terms with the fact that living the dream is a lot different from dreaming the dream. God gave us the ability to dream and imagine the impossible, but it is when we center our lives and dreams around Jesus that we experience his promises in ways we couldn't even imagine.

As we walk out our identity in Christ, we realize that we have been living the dream all along.

Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Anytime Anxiety Comes

Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Anytime Anxiety Comes

August 25, 2019

Anxiety is one of the many struggles that plague our lives. Though it may not seem obvious, anxiety can stem from a lack of prayer and consistent communication with God.

 In a message titled “Anytime Anxiety Comes,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. encourages us to use prayer as our main tool in combating anxiety.

 There are many examples in the Bible where we see how our triumphs will be the direct result of our prayers. Even a simple and straightforward prayer can make all the difference, take the prayer of Jabez for instance.

We must remember that when we become crippled or overwhelmed by emotional stressors, going to God in prayer will be like an umbrella in the rain. Making you feel safe and protected while you face the challenges of the day.

Lecrae — Surviving Life’s Deserts and Storms

Lecrae — Surviving Life’s Deserts and Storms

August 19, 2019

"Why is this happening to me?" is a question we can find ourselves asking amid tough situations. We try to run away from the storms, believing that hiding will make them cease. Instead of avoiding our problems or striving to solve them with our own effort, we can go to God to find out what we should learn from them.

Delivering a powerful message to kick off our 21 days of prayer and fasting, Grammy award-winning artist and renowned communicator Lecrae encourages us to run to God during chaos in “Surviving Life’s Deserts and Storms.”

Like Jonah the prophet, we will encounter various storms. Whether they're caused by self-infliction, the broken world we live in, or God's hand serving as a wake-up call, we should never view what must we go through as punishment.

God allows the obstacles to prepare us for the future, to align us with the blessings he has for us. While it’s easy to believe we’re alone in hard times, God is never far away. He is always right by our side. Walking with us through trials and challenges, God is ready to step in as our deliverer.

Dakota Duron — Hebrews: Unshakeable Kingdom