VOUS Church

Please Excuse The Mess — Endure — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

October 4, 2020

Life can often feel like a construction zone with tons of caution signs, detours, and debris. Don’t fret and don’t quit, God has a vision for your life that he is shaping from the rubble.

In an installment of the “Endure” collection,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reminds us in the talk “Please Excuse the Mess” that endurance of the faith journey, requires us to know we are constantly under construction.

So what do we when it feels like we don’t measure up? Or when the construction project doesn’t have a foreseeable end? Just stick with Jesus. It’s our daily walk with him that makes all the difference. Our relationship with the living Stone-a firm foundation, will purify our hearts and sustain us in becoming a people of great endurance.

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