VOUS Church

The Road To Glory — Endure — Dakota Duron

October 25, 2020

Life is like one big road trip, accompanied by pit stops and speed bumps along the way. At times we can find ourselves questioning our destination. Yet, despite the unknown road, we can allow God to set our paths straight and use all things for his glory. 

In a message from the “Endure” collection, Pastor Dakota Duran highlights “The Road to Glory.” As believers, we are called to glorify and honor God in all that we do. Although we have different spiritual gifts we can be faithful stewards of what God has granted us and find innovative ways to maximize his ministry.

God’s glory isn’t just reserved for Sundays, as we love deeply and remain faithful we are posturing ourselves to serve others. Serving God’s people is the byproduct of his grace and the ultimate way we give Him the glory

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