Interview with DawnCheré Wilkerson & Julia Veach

November 17, 2017

DawnCheré Wilkerson sits down with Julia Veach to talk about motherhood, pain, and perfection.


Miracle In Motion: What If?

November 13, 2017

What if we learned to value the small things in life? What if we understood the value of being a manager and not just an owner? What if we championed the mini tasks in God's plan? In a sermon titled "What If”, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reminds us that understanding the small tasks God gives us leads us to the big miracles in life.  Once you can do something small for God, you can do something big for God! Being trustworthy in the little things plants the seeds for God's blessing in our purpose. God already owns our purpose; we’re just managing it for him, and realizing this leads us to bigger opportunities and greater trust in God. Find out more about what happens when we learn to give up control and follow God’s lead.


DawnCheré Wilkerson — The Grateful Road / VOUS Girl

November 10, 2017

Home is always a journey. From earth to eternity, the path of purpose leads us onward. Pastor DawnCheré reminds us that no matter your past, present or future mistakes, the love of God and the community of believers he has placed around us are a constant encouragement to just keep walking.


Chad Veach — The Mess in the Middle

November 6, 2017

It's one thing to have a great start, or a great ending— but in the middle is where life gets messy. Pastor Chad Veach from ZOE Church, LA reminds us that when we go through a mess, we can rely on God to get our vision, our strength, and our faith back.


Dakota Duron — Yes Man

October 30, 2017

So maybe you’re a little frustrated. You may be struggling to land that job, make more sales, buy that new home. Maybe you’re struggling in business or having marital issues. You are not alone. Peter dealt with the same frustrations when Jesus told him to cast his net at a certain spot, only to see no results at all in the beginning. However, Peter decided to say YES to Jesus despite how things appeared and suddenly there was a shift. Peter decided to say yes to being empty, yes to being full, and yes to more.



October 23, 2017

The cross has become a widely recognized staple of our culture. From tattoos to jewelry to fashion, crosses can be found almost anywhere. But when you wear a cross around your neck, or draw it on a t-shirt, do you really know what it represents? The cross is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a God declaration.

In this week’s sermon titled “Posterized,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explores all of the statements that Jesus made final on the cross.

When Jesus died for you and me, he put an end to sin, shame, the power of our “self,” and most importantly, He put an end to Satan. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life, whether you’ve been good or bad, right or wrong, or even done unthinkable things, when you accept Jesus as your Savior, the cross becomes a declaration of your victory through Jesus. The cross doesn’t just make you right with God eternally; it makes you right with God immediately. Tune in to hear more about how the power of the cross can change your life today.


Levi Lusko — Through the Eyes of a Lion

October 16, 2017

Have you ever noticed something obvious that after seeing, you realize was there the whole time? Often times we miss things because of the way we are looking at them. Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church delivers a powerful message reminding us that the lens we see life through really matters, and even through our own pain we can see God use our situations for good. So what does it mean to know that God can bring good out of our painful experiences? Do we feel hurt because of the experience or do we praise God for the hope he gives us? We’re assured that there is no conflict between these two thoughts and, in fact, God is comfortable with the tension between the two. Hurting with hope still hurts and we are allowed to feel that. Yet, we can hurt with hope and run towards God at the same time.


Church: It’s A Group Project — Together We Can

October 9, 2017

God has a plan for each and every one of us. But when God gives us a vision of His plans, we learn that those plans are rarely just for us. God’s plans always extend to the world around us, and our role in that plan pertains to the way He wants to use us on a higher level. However, we can’t outwork the plans of God for our lives alone; we need community. In the final sermon of the series Church: it’s a Group Project, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson reminds us that rebuilding can be harder than building because you have to go back and face the ruins. By uniting together and preparing to stand against your opposition, we can rebuild the wall, reject the opposition, and protect our position. What seems impossible alone is possible with God as we come together and work towards a common goal.  


Church: It’s A Group Project — Divided We Fall

October 2, 2017

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard at the gym, and your body pushed back? Maybe your face turned red, or you had to sit and drink water before you could continue. In moments like that, there's a disagreement between what your head says and what your body can do. The same can be said of the head of the church, Jesus, and His body, the Church, when His will and our actions don't align.

In this week's continuation of our collection of talks entitled, Church: It’s A Group Project, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explores what happens when the body of Christ is divided against the head of the church, Jesus. Through looking at the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, we learn that nothing is impossible for a group of people who are united.

The easiest way to create division is through lack of communication. At VOUS Church, our mission is for our communication to thrive, so that we are united in bringing God's plans on Earth to fruition, and being part of pushing the church, God's body, forward.


Church: It’s A Group Project — United We Stand

September 25, 2017

If someone were to walk into your apartment, they’d instantly learn a lot about your personality; are you messy or clean? Do you play any instruments? Is your home welcoming and comfortable, or do you tend to spend more time alone? The characteristics and objects within someone’s home tells you instantly about their character, and the same is true of God. In Exodus 25:8-9, God lays out the plans for His tabernacle, or place of dwelling. Through studying the details of God’s dwelling place, we learn about the nature of God.


This Sunday at VOUS Church in Miami, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. partnered with Pastor Judah Smith of City Church, Seattle and Pastor Chad Veach of ZOE Church, LA for a national collection of talks titled, “Church: It’s a Group Project.” Throughout this collection, we’ll learn about how to find the unique role we all play in the church, and how to bring those roles together to glorify God as one united body.


This week, by studying the detailed layout of the Old Testament Tabernacle, we learn that God is holy, and God is merciful.  Thank God that through Jesus Christ, we have constant access to God’s presence and his mercy, and together with the church, we can be a part of representing God’s house here on earth. While the devil isn’t afraid of a big church, he is afraid of a united church. As we gather around this collection of talks as a nation-wide church, we really believe that we can come together and change the world. Together, we can do this! United we stand.