Terrance Wilson — Separated, Sent, Scared, Shocked

December 11, 2017

Often, when we find ourselves stuck in life, we tend to look to our ability, what we’re equipped with, to find the way out. As pastor Terrance Wilson of Trinity Church reminds us, it’s not in our ability but in God’s ability where the answer is found. Maybe it’s a matter of perspective we need to gain, instead of thinking that our circumstance is a curse, it could be an assignment we are called to overcome. 


VOUS Basel: Conversation with Rich Wilkerson, Jr. and Brant Cryder

December 7, 2017

Rich Wilkerson, Jr. sits down with Brant Cryder of Yves Saint Laurent to talk about the role of faith in business, fashion, and his number one church pet peeve.


Miracle In Motion - Living for Legacy

December 4, 2017

Everybody wants to matter. We all want to believe that what we do with our time on earth will leave an impact after we’re gone. We build businesses, name children after ourselves, and sow our time into charitable organizations, all in the hopes of creating a legacy.

This Sunday in a message titled “Living for Legacy,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of VOUS Church illustrates another way that we can be part of building a legacy - generosity. As we close our series of talks around the idea of Miracle In Motion, we learn how legacy transfers our blessing from generation to generation. When we make an internal investment into God’s kingdom, we make an immediate investment that not only affects our lives, but the lives of others, and perhaps others we’ll never know on this side of eternity. When you remember that you can’t take it with you, and ask yourself if you control your money or if your money controls you, you learn that prosperity has a purpose. Find out how that purpose can be part of God’s eternal legacy today.


Miracle In Motion - The Art of Bothering God

November 27, 2017

Have you ever met someone who just, really annoyed you? We can all admit that at some point or another, someone has annoyed us so much, that we’ve reacted. Whether it was giving in to a child who wouldn’t stop asking for candy, or agreed to do something just to get someone off your back, when something or someone bothers you enough, you’re pushed toward action. God is the same way. This week, in a sermon titled “The Art of Bothering God,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. challenges us to begin to get a little bothered, and begin to bother God. Luke 18 tells the story of a woman who pestered an unjust judge to the point that he finally gave in to her requests. If an unjust judge was moved to action on her behalf, how much more will a just and loving God be moved to action on our behalf when we continue to persist? God is never truly bothered by us. Persistent prayer honors God, and when we refuse to give up, no matter how long we’ve been waiting, God will give us an answer. Persistence produces miracles, and when we learn that sometimes “no” is just part of the process, we can learn to bother God enough to see miraculous changes in our lives and in the world around us.


DawnCheré Wilkerson - The Path to Freedom / VOUS Girl

November 23, 2017

Home is always a journey and the path to freedom becomes closer with each step. What is freedom? There are some acts of so-called freedom that actually destroy freedom. They hide in darkness, whispering lies that limit our sight and inhibit our hearts. Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson reminds us that true freedom comes when we allow God to remove our record, our regret, and our resistance.


Miracle In Motion - Consider The Raven

November 20, 2017

Has anyone ever surprised you? Some people love surprises, thrilled with the idea of waiting for Christmas Day to open each present, full of excitement and anticipation. Others are the type that will raid the Christmas closet and open every present early, unable to wait for a surprise. God loves surprising people, though, and no matter how often you may try to sneak a peek under the wrapping paper of our lives, God will continue to throw surprises our way.

This week, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. preached a sermon titled “Consider The Raven,” where we learn that even in the midst of life’s surprises we can learn to trust God more than we trust ourselves. Worry produces nothing fruitful in our lives. In fact, worry can wreck our miracles because it distracts us from being present in the here and now.

Jesus gives us the antidote for worry, which is to consider. Consideration of our situation allows us to move away from worry, and move towards a place of practical faith where we can sow, reap and steward in ways that produce miracles and faith in our lives. Find out how to live a life free of worry, and full of worship today.


Interview with DawnCheré Wilkerson & Julia Veach

November 17, 2017

DawnCheré Wilkerson sits down with Julia Veach to talk about motherhood, pain, and perfection.


Miracle In Motion - What If?

November 13, 2017

What if we learned to value the small things in life? What if we understood the value of being a manager and not just an owner? What if we championed the mini tasks in God's plan? In a sermon titled "What If”, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reminds us that understanding the small tasks God gives us leads us to the big miracles in life.  Once you can do something small for God, you can do something big for God! Being trustworthy in the little things plants the seeds for God's blessing in our purpose. God already owns our purpose; we’re just managing it for him, and realizing this leads us to bigger opportunities and greater trust in God. Find out more about what happens when we learn to give up control and follow God’s lead.


DawnCheré Wilkerson — The Grateful Road / VOUS Girl

November 10, 2017

Home is always a journey. From earth to eternity, the path of purpose leads us onward. Pastor DawnCheré reminds us that no matter your past, present or future mistakes, the love of God and the community of believers he has placed around us are a constant encouragement to just keep walking.