Heaven on Earth

November 22, 2016

During our final Creative Collective of 2016, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. shared a message called Heaven On Earth. In it, he challenges us to step away from the passive approach of waiting to go to Heaven and opt instead to step into an active faith of bringing Heaven to earth. As creatives, we have an opportunity to show the world the mysteries of God through our art, whatever form it takes.


The Cost of Following Jesus

November 14, 2016

Every decision in life has a cost. Whether financial, psychical, or emotional our choices can affect the course of our lives. Not understanding the cost of something can be dangerous. Not understanding what following Jesus means is no different. As Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr explains, following Jesus has a real cost and even challenges our most basic needs. It involves trusting him with our fears, our finances, our trials, our loved ones, and even our lives. Trusting that our lives are best when in his hands. 


Carl Lentz — It’s Nice To Meet You

November 7, 2016

In the Kingdom of Heaven we have a high status and calling to be ambassadors for Christ. But what are we doing with that power? Pastor Carl Lentz explains that taking on the weight of the role could begin with a simple greeting: “It’s nice to me you.”


The Church: A Beautiful Future

October 31, 2016

It is in times of uncertainty that we can be confident in our citizenship, our place of permanent residence and our ultimate destination: heaven. Jesus gave us a glimpse of heaven so that we can find purpose for today. Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson encourages us with a beautiful picture of our future– not just our immediate future, but our ultimate future, the promise of heaven. 


The Church: A Big Vision

October 24, 2016

Vision is the why of everything that we do. Every person should have a vision because it gives purpose to the pain we experience as we walk towards our purpose. Every vision starts with a seed, but no seed can give fruit unless it's planted. The only way to see the fruit of our seeds and to see the progression in our lives is by adopting God's vision for our lives.


The Church: A Bold Mission

October 17, 2016
Is your personal mission more important than God’s mission? In Matthew 28, Jesus gives clear instruction that as his church, we’re called to go, make disciples, and teach people the gospel. In this installment of our series of talks, “The Church,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks to us about the bold mission we've been given. Regardless of what we do to make a living, we're called to live a life for God.

Completely Calm

October 10, 2016

When the waters of life get rough, how do you respond? Often our response is determined by where our dependency lies. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Pastor Rich reminds us that the power of Christ is revealed in life’s storms. Every problem we face is an opportunity for God to show up in a marvelous way. 


The Church: A Building

October 3, 2016

As we dive further in our collection of talks “The Church,” Pastor DawnCheré describes another metaphor used to describe the church: a building. Today’s message teaches us that Jesus is the cornerstone that God is building his church upon. We are living stones, placed by God, to build his church. Only by laying down our lives on the cornerstone, will there be a strong foundation to sustain God's vision of our lives and his church.


The Church: A Body

September 26, 2016
Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks on why we, as a church, are called the body of Christ. He lists three major reasons: every part serves a function in the body, every part is connected to each other, and every part submits to the head! God designed all of us uniquely for a specific purpose, and even though we all have different talents, they are all equally important for the glory of God. If one is rejoicing or suffering, then we all are rejoicing or suffering. As a body, we glorify God together, and as a body, we submit to our head Jesus Christ together.

The Church: A Bride

September 19, 2016

Most of us think that church is something that we do, a place that we only go to on Sundays. Some of us even love Jesus but are not so sure about church or church people. Today, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains how WE are the living stones laid upon one another to be The Church. We’ll learn its true purpose and specifically why Jesus refers to the church as a bride.