1 John: How To Love God

July 31, 2017

Everyone receives love differently. Some prefer quality time, others physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, or acts of service. These acts of love are known as "love languages," and understanding them is a powerful way to build healthy relationships. As we've learned from our 1 John study as a church so far, God IS love, and he showed us the greatest act of love by sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and give us access to God. Our reasonable response to God's radical love is to want to show him love in return.


Often times, we feel like we need to "do" or "be" a certain way to show our love to God and win over his affections in return. God loves us no matter what, but in this week's sermon from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., we learn that God also has a love language - obedience.

God's commands are not burdens, but rather blessings set up to propel us into our destinies and open the door for the God dreams in our hearts.

As we obey, we learn that obedience starts as an option, leads way to opportunity, and eventually, becomes overflow in our lives and our relationship with God.


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