Joel Houston — Life and Other Near Death Experiences

November 28, 2016

Have you ever felt as though you are insignificant? Often our perception of ourselves is shaped by our interpretation of God and the world around us. Pastor Joel Houston took a moment this weekend to challenge our perception of who God is, the value that each life holds, and the moments that truly make a difference in our short lifespan.

God is more than a figurehead, or a powerful being. He is more than a story or an idea. His word is deep and expansive, full of infinite possibilities. God, the most powerful and constant thing in this universe is interested in the personal. He’s intrigued by the fabric that makes us who we are. There are Infinite possibilities with God as he can do so much though impossible. 
In the eyes of God, we are like children. Even the most civilized and wisest us of all are still growing and changing as we get to know God and his Word better. We are His children on a spiritual journey that allows us to mature and grow in Him. God made no mistakes when we were designed. Each and very one of us was created with a purpose. God, a masterful artist and creator, created us: his masterpiece. He beautifully reconfigures and transforms the ugliest, and messiest things about us into beautiful works of art.

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